Farmers welcome AWI review results

NSW Farmers have welcomed the release of the independent review into the performance and governance of Australian Wool Innovation (AWI). 

The EY report made 82 recommendations and has identified a number of areas that will enhance the operations of AWI. The key recommendations were focused on enhancing consultation and communication with growers, and also improving the governance of AWI. 

Andrew Wood, Chair of the NSW Farmers Wool Committee, said that the report’s findings and recommendations aligned with the concerns that wool growers had been voicing.

“Wool growers must have confidence and oversight in the operations of AWI. Central to this is ensuring that there is transparency and accountability,” Mr Wood said. 

“The report identified the need for AWI to improve communication and consultation with growers. This transparency is vital for ensuring growers have input and confidence in the way that their levy dollars are being invested”.

“The level of effective consultation between growers and AWI has been a key concern of the Association. We are pleased that the report has recommended enhancing the consultation mechanisms to ensure growers have a voice”.

NSW Farmers looks forward to working with AWI to ensure that the recommendations are implemented for the betterment of wool growers. 

Date: Tuesday 10 July 2018
Media Contact:   Michael Burt  | 0428 228 988