McCarthy Review a first step for live export trade

The NSW Farmers’ Association has welcomed the Government’s response to the McCarthy Review as the first step in meaningful change for the live export trade. 

NSW Farmers’ CEO Matt Brand said the images aired by 60 Minutes on 8 April 2018 are out of line with the expectations of the farming community and the wider community.

“Animal welfare is the highest concern for farmers, as it is our focus every day. Farmers were deeply upset to see animals exposed to such appalling conditions,” Mr Brand said. 

“The McCarthy Review recommendations are a critical first step in creating the change required. The review has provided independent and evidence based solutions to improve welfare outcomes.”

“The key change is in the stocking density requirement being focused on the welfare needs of the animal. The new approach will reduce the stocking density on ships during the Middle Eastern summer and has the potential to improve welfare outcomes through the whole year.”

The Association also strongly supports the enhanced transparency and penalty measures.

“Transparency on live export ships will be enhanced with the mandating of independent observers and lowering the trigger for incidents to be independently reviewed. These changes provide the means to ensure that animal welfare standards are upheld.”

“We support the increase in penalties for exporters that do not comply with the required welfare standards. This is a clear signal that those who do not comply will be held to account”. 

“We thank Minister Littleproud for his commitment to make decisions based on evidence. The changes announced are important but they are just the first step. We look forward to the outcomes from the other reviews to ensure that the trade operates to the standard expected by farmers.” 

Date:  Friday 18 May 2018
Media Contact:   Michael Burt  | 0428 228 988