Farmers welcome incentive based approach to reduce emissions

NSW Farmers welcomes an incentive based approach to emissions reductions in the agriculture sector.

It follows the release of the NSW Government’s Net Zero Plan aiming to reach net zero emissions by 2050.

Vice President of NSW Farmers’ Association Chris Groves said a focus on incentives rather than taxes or penalties is a policy approach the sector has long called for.

“For years farmers and environmentalists have agreed that rewarding farmers with incentives to cut emissions is one of the most effective ways for Australia to meet its international commitments.

“The industry is already investing heavily in new technologies and practices to reduce emissions.

“Farmers are also active managers of the land, committed to sustainable use for current and future generations, however, we know more can be done and properly constructing measures that focus on incentives is an important step that the industry can take working with policy-makers.”

NSW Farmers is calling on the Government to ensure farmers have a seat at the table as it works towards its Net Zero Plan.

“The success of policy measures will depend on genuine and open consultation with the agricultural industry,” Mr Groves said. 

Date: Sunday, 15 March 2020 
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