Proposed barley tariff brews concerns for growers

NSW Farmers is concerned by reports of proposed tariffs on Australia’s barley imports into China.

The alleged proposal comes amid China’s 18-month anti-dumping investigation into Australia, which is set to wind up shortly. The yet to be finalised tariffs may include a dumping margin of up to 73.6% and a subsidy margin of up to 6.9% for barley imported from Australia. 

NSW Farmers Grains Committee chair Matthew Madden says the tariffs, if imposed by China, would be a substantial blow to Australian barley producers. 

“Barley is considered one of Australia’s main exports to China, and our barley industry has a long standing and positive relationship with China.” Mr Madden says.

“Our barley producers currently operate in a competitive, unsubsidised global market. While it is China’s prerogative to impose a tariff against us, it is not justifiable.” 

“We do not believe China has a case against us in their anti-dumping probe. The Australian Government and the grains industry have provided data that demonstrates our barley producers have not obtained an undue advantage through export prices.” 

Mr Madden says the grains industry will co-operate with the Chinese Government and will work closely with the Australian Government on the matter. 

“The next week will be critical for the industry. We understand that a final determination will be provided on or before 19 May.”

“We are liaising with Grain Producers Australia, which is working alongside other national industry bodies to represent barley producers and hopefully obtain a fair outcome.”

“With a substantial export market, our barley producers need to be firmly defended at this time.”

Date:  Wednesday, 13 May 2020
Media Contact:  Michael Burt  | 0428 228 988 |