African Swine Fever is everyone's responsibility 

NSW Farmers is calling on everyone to get biosecurity aware and help keep African swine fever (ASF) out of Australia. 

Ean Pollard, Chair of the NSW Farmers Pork Committee, says that it is essential the disease stays out of Australia and everyone has a role to play in this. 

“Pork products entering the country are a real risk for an ASF outbreak in Australia”

“It is critical that incoming passengers to Australia do not bring pork products into the country”. 

 Mr Pollard says that all pig owners need to be careful when it comes to ASF. 

“The most important message to any pig owner is not to feed food scraps to their pigs, as this practice has been linked to the spread of ASF. 
“If you have pigs, then don’t feed them any food scraps.  Always opt for commercial pig feed, as any food scrap that has been in contact with pork could pose a risk”.

“This disease is serious. If there was an outbreak it would devastate the industry and it will be extremely difficult to eradicate, especially if it enters the feral pig population.”

The National Farmer Federation (NFF)  Members Council met this week and called on governments to urgently take action to further invest in and strengthen the national biosecurity system to better protect primary production, the community, the environment and the economy.  

The NFF Members Council will also call on governments to commit to invest in and work with industry towards control of feral pigs, which have potential to carry and spread exotic diseases such as ASF.  

NSW Farmers will be hosting an African swine fever forum on Tuesday 22 October in Young NSW. The forum will look at biosecurity measures needed on farms to prevent and/or contain ASF spread. To register your interest in attending, please click here

Date: Thursday 17 October 2019 
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