Farm trespass bill steps ahead

NSW Farmers has backed the Government’s resolve in providing protections for farmers from trespassers.  

The Right to Farm Bill passed the NSW Lower House last night through the support of the Government. The Bill will now move to the Upper House and if supported,  farmers will be provided critical protections from farm trespassers.

NSW Farmers CEO Pete Arkle congratulated Agriculture Minister Adam Marshall and the Government on their decisive action to develop this critical bill and act on its election commitment to protect farmers from unlawful farm incursions.

“Farmers provide vital food and fibre to the community. They operate lawful businesses and it is critical that they are protected from criminal property invasions,” Mr Arkle said

“This Bill will provide farmers with crucial protections and the increased penalties ensure that the impact of these crimes can be recognised by the courts.”

“We have seen a clear escalation in unlawful farm incursions and farmers need greater protections.” 

“This Bill will provide farmers in NSW with the strongest protections and trespasses will face the harshest penalties in the country.”

“We have been lobbying for these changes for years and are delighted that the bill is over the first hurdle. It is now time for all parties to back the bill and back our farming families.”

Mr Arkle said NSW Farmers is calling on all Upper House members to support this bill and get it finalised this sitting period.

“This is just a Bill about stopping trespass onto our farms and all parties should be able to back that. It  was very disappointing to see Labor vote against the bill.”

“The Government  clarified the bill to address concerns by making it clear that it will just apply to farmers and agricultural enterprises.” 

“Upper House members have a clear choice to support farmers and our regional communities by backing this bill.”

Date: Thursday, 17 October 2019
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