Biosecurity in the funding spotlight

An $11.25 million biosecurity funding commitment from NSW Labor is a welcome first step in a NSW Farmers plan to bolster the protection of  our multi-billion dollar agricultural sector.

NSW Farmers’ Biosecurity Committee Chair, Ian McColl, said investing in resources to protect our agricultural industry from pests, weeds and disease was an essential function of government.

“Building awareness of the importance of biosecurity, along with ensuring we can respond in the event of an incursion, is essential if we are to maintain our clean and green image and reputation for high quality and safe food and fibre”, Mr McColl said.

“Labor’s financial commitment is a welcome first step in NSW Farmers’ bid for $100 million for biosecurity to support efficient systems to manage incursions and greater awareness and education.”

“NSW Farmers is calling for $100 million to improve systems for managing biosecurity outbreaks, including new systems for managing incursions, funding for improved awareness and education, and support for ‘first responders’ to tackle and eradicate an outbreak as soon as one is detected.”

He said NSW Farmers has also sought funding to tackle Queensland fruit fly, netting to protect fruit orchards from flying foxes and ongoing support to manage abandoned and neglected orchards.

“Two weeks out from the election, it is good to see one of the major parties listening to the concerns of farmers about biosecurity. “

“This Parliament introduced a new Biosecurity Act – the next Parliament must provide additional resources to protect our biosecurity and enhance our agricultural competitiveness.”

Date:  Friday 8 March 2019
Media Contact:   Michael Burt  | 0428 228 988