Farmers key to animal welfare

NSW Farmers says that farmers must remain central in all animal welfare decision making undertaken by the next State Government. 

Labor has announced that it will reform the current legislation and establish Animal Welfare NSW, which will report to the Minister of Primary Industries. 

NSW Farmers’ President James Jackson said that farmers in NSW are world leaders in animal welfare and are proud of the world class standards they set.

“Farmers highly value the welfare of their animals.  You do not become a farmer unless you have an affinity with animals and a commitment to quality production,” Mr Jackson said 

“The value of our production is directly related to the care and attention we provide to our animals. There is a clear and direct nexus between positive welfare outcomes and the productivity of farmers.”

“That is why it is absolutely critical that Labor’s animal welfare proposal is linked to the Department of Primary Industries dedicated animal welfare team, which has proven highly effective since its creation, if they are elected.”

Mr Jackson said NSW Farmers is committed to enhancing the transparency of agriculture and increasing the level of education to the community.

“We acknowledge that animal welfare is a critical issue for the public. The key to any reform will be ensuring they achieve positive animal welfare outcomes through recognising the skilled management of our farmers.”
“We want to enhance transparency across supply chains and to lift the community’s knowledge of animal production systems”

“Education of the community is the key. In the past the majority of people had some interaction with farming. Today the majority of the urban people have little insight into livestock production and we must address this disconnect through education” 

“The Government must work in partnership with industry to address this gap, as they have a critical role in providing factual information and educating the public” 

“Animal welfare is a critical issue for farmers and we look forward to working with the next Government”. 

Date: Thursday 21 March 2019
Media Contact:  Michael Burt  | 0428 228 988 |