Helping hand for first-time farmers

NSW Young Farmers has welcomed the Coalition’s pledge to help young farmers get a head start on owning their first farm business.

Tim Carroll, NSW Young Farmer Council Chair, said that today’s election promise for low-interest loans through the Regional Investment Corporation was a significant investment in the future of farming. 

“NSW Young Farmers has long been asking for low-interest loans for first-time farmers, so we’re pleased that the Coalition has come to the table with this measure,” Mr Carroll said.

“Succession isn’t a guaranteed thing in our industry. We need to make sure there are measures to give young people a hand-up when they want to invest in their own future.

“It’s not just about buying a farm, but having the ability to build any agricultural venture up to a profitable and sustainable business.”

Mr Carroll said that young farmers in NSW had demonstrated an appetite to learn more about farm business, and to invest their own time, energy and finances into building businesses that are innovative and resilient. 

“We see young people are hungry to learn about how to buy their own farm and contribute to our sector, but young farmers have been telling us that the financial barriers to starting your own business can be prohibitive.”

“Today’s announcement eases that burden and will have young people in our sector excited about the possibility of owning their first farm.”

Mr Carroll said that NSW Young Farmers wanted to see federal Labor similarly commit to assistance for young people in agriculture.

“If we want to keep growing the value of our sector, investing in the future of farming should be a bipartisan priority.”
Date: Thursday 2 May 2019
Media Contact:   Michael Burt  | 0428 228 988