Inland Rail inquiry now on track

NSW Farmers has commended the Senate for supporting an inquiry into the Inland Rail project. 

Queensland Labor senator Murray Watt raised the need for the inquiry to examine concerns from the farming community about the route selection process, impact on farm businesses and maximising regional development. 

NSW Farmers Inland Rail taskforce Chair Adrian Lyons said the Association will be voicing its concerns to the Senate's Rural and Regional Affairs Committee, which is set to report on the project by the end of September 2020.

He said it was not too late to conduct an inquiry into what has been a contentious issue.

 “This inquiry is a welcome step after almost three years of campaigning. It’s important because it will give confidence to communities, impacted farming families and Government that no stone has been left unturned.”
 “We are also looking forward to a promised roundtable discussion with the Deputy Prime Minister and relevant Ministers on this issue shortly. We will be working with the National Farmers Federation and other interested organisations to make sure that our issues are heard and genuinely taken on board.” 

“The Inland Rail project is one of the nation’s most important infrastructure projects. Farmers do support it wholeheartedly as it will help in building a sustainable future for agriculture.”

“Inland Rail will be a positive step in the right direction for agriculture, drought preparedness and  a higher dollar return at the farm gate through  utilizing the rail spine effectively. “ 

“But there are legitimate concerns about the route selection and questions why existing routes are not being used in some locations. Some of the proposed new routes will have a significant impact on farm businesses and communities as a whole.” 
My Lyons said farmers and communities have also voiced concerns about increased flood risk on the greenfield sites in NSW and Queensland. 

Date:  Wednesday 18 September 2019
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