Glasses of milk all around

NSW Farmers’ Association are delighted that Coles and Aldi have decided to ditch 1$ a litre milk.

Coles and Aldi have announced that they will increase the price of their respective private label milks by 10 cents, with the additional money flowing back directly to the dairy farmers that supply the products.

NSW Farmers Dairy committee Chair and Dubbo farmer Erika Chesworth described the news as a huge win for dairy farmers.  

“The NSW Farmers dairy committee and all dairy farmers have been fighting for this result since $1 litre milk was introduced in 2011.”

“This is a welcome backflip from Coles and Aldi on their decision to stick with $1 milk last month”

“It is extremely positive that they have also committed to ensuring that farmers that supply fresh milk for their private labels will receive the additional money.”

“Dairy farmers have said all along that they just want a fair price for the fresh and nutritious product they produce. This will help in that endeavour and must spell the end of irrational pricing of fresh milk that had taken so much value from our industry. ” 

NSW Farmers acknowledges the support shown by the community in achieving this change. 

“Dairy farmers want to thank the community for helping to get the retailers to move on this. Consumers have said they want to pay a fair price for milk that supports dairy farmers. ” 

Date: Wednesday 20 March 2019
Media Contact:   Michael Burt  | 0428 228 988