NSW Farmers welcomes new marshall for agriculture 

NSW Farmers welcomes the appointment of Adam Marshall as the Minister for Agriculture and Western New South Wales in the ministerial reshuffle announced today. 

NSW Farmers’ President, James Jackson, said Mr Marshall’s appointment came at a critical time for the agricultural industry and he looked forward to working closely with him and the Government in tackling important issues such as the drought.

“I congratulate Adam Marshall on his appointment as Minister for Agriculture and Western New South Wales in the Berejiklian Government.  As a representative of a regional community with a significant agricultural footprint, we hope that Adam can utilise his local knowledge to continue strengthening the agricultural sector in New South Wales”, Mr Jackson said.

Mr Jackson said NSW Farmers also welcomes the appointment of Michael Johnsen as Parliamentary Secretary for Agriculture.

“We also welcome the appointment of Melinda Pavey as Minister for Water, and Matt Kean as the Minister for Energy and Environment.  These three portfolios have enormous significance for the agricultural sector and we will work closely with them, and all ministers in the government, to deliver NSW Farmers’ FOCUS agenda during the forthcoming parliamentary term.”

“I want to acknowledge, in particular, the Premier’s decision to appoint a dedicated Minister for Western New South Wales in her new ministry.  This was one of NSW Farmers’ 15 priority asks going into the election and is recognition of the importance of New South Wales not simply standing for Newcastle, Sydney and Wollongong.”

“Regional New South Wales sent a clear message to Macquarie Street at the last election. As the representative voice for agriculture across this state, NSW Farmers will work with all political parties elected at last weekend’s election to ensure the commitments made during the campaign are delivered in full.”

“The drought, water management, protecting the Right to Farm and ensuring New South Wales’ place as a producer of high quality and safe agricultural produce are important issues facing the sector at present.  There is no time to wait – the new Government has a mandate to hit the ground running and we will be working with them to ensure the best interests of agriculture are maintained”, Mr Jackson said.

Date: Sunday 31 March 2019
Media Contact:   Michael Burt  | 0428 228 988