Drought-proof your farm with reliable tanks

Published: April 2019 | Sponsored content for Kingspan

With government rebates on offer, it's a good time to improve farm water storage.

Drought-proofing Australian properties remains a priority for Kingspan, which is a market leading tank and storage solution company. Photos supplied by: Kingspan.
WITH 100% of NSW experiencing drought conditions, and a third of the state in intense drought, good water storage is front of mind for farmers working to drought-proof their properties for the coming seasons. 

Through the federal government's On-farm Emergency Water Infrastructure Rebate Scheme, farmers can claim up to 25% of the cost of buying and installing new on-farm infrastructure such as water tanks.

Effective water storage critical to drought-proofing farms

Water is the life blood of the farming industry, but across NSW any rainfall received across January and February left farmers high and dry, due to the soaring temperatures and evaporation, meaning effective water storage has never been more important.

The Kingspan group has been a market leader in rainwater tanks and storage solutions for 85 years. Since acquiring Rhino Water Tanks in 2017, Kingspan is now one of the main choices for rural tanks in Australia.

A time lapse of a Rhino water tank being installed. 

“Drought-proofing Australian properties remains a priority for the business. Rhino tanks really are an Australian success story and it’s amazing to reflect on the innovation of our founders, who began making liners for concrete tanks back in the 1990’s from a small country town in Western Australia,” says Peter Jeffries, commercial director at Kingspan. 

Kingspan Rhino rural tanks are built tough in zincalume steel or in the full range of genuine Colorbond colours. Capacity ranges from 26,000 litres up to 365,000 litres and all tanks have a reinforced food grade 5-layer polyethylene liner, making them ideal for rural environments and come with a conditional 20 year warranty ensuring farmers are not left in the lurch. 

Kingspan Rhino rural water tanks are built to outlast tough Australian conditions. 

In addition to rural water tanks that help Aussie farmers make the most of any rainfall, Kingspan has a brand new storage and dispensing tank for on-site diesel refuelling that is a safe way for farmers to refuel on the go, no matter where they are.

Safe and portable diesel refuelling

To complement the day-to-day workings on farm, Kingspan has recently launched a storage and dispensing tank for on-site diesel refuelling that is a safe way for farmers to refuel on the go, no matter where they are. 

 The new TruckMaster diesel storage range is perfectly suited for remote, on-site refuelling and is built from high-quality polyethylene. The tanks fit the back of most utes making it easy to transport fuel to keep farming machinery going. The TruckMaster range is resistant to structural damage, changing weather conditions, UV radiation and sizes range from 200 – 900 litres.  

The TruckMaster is the perfect way to refuel on the go. 

Ron James, Kingspan rural sales account manager says that TruckMaster presents a cost effective, robust and quality fuel storage option for Australia’s remote workforce.

“With huge efficiency gains, our TruckMaster range of tanks enables workers to reach places a tanker can’t go – whether that be rough land, narrow access points in building sites or farms,” says Ron.
Key benefits of Kingspan’s TruckMaster range

  • All equipment stored under a lockable lid – protected from dust, sun and weather and eliminates risk of dripping fuel often encountered by an external retrofitted nozzle and hose

  • Leak proof design –  means a clean vehicle

  • Integrated lifting and forklift options – can even be lifted when a tank is full

  • Stainless steel fittings – including a mesh filter

  • Nationwide delivery

  • Five-year tank warranty

For more information including pricing, sales and product specifications call: 1300 736 562
email: sales.au@kingspan.com or visit: kingspan.com.au/water

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