Grassroots approach to farm insurance

Published: August 2018  | Sponsored content for WFI

SPONSORED: Mackenna Powell has invested years into helping farmers safeguard their livelihood. “It’s the best thing I ever did,” she says.

Mackenna Powell (left), Area manager for WFI Insurance with a local Wagga Wagga farmer. Photography by Matt Beaver. 
Raised on a property west of Wagga Wagga, with a background in farming, I understand the region, and can relate to those on the land. I am involved in my local communities, and am a true locaI at heart. I meet with my farming clients at their farms, which is critical in developing an understanding of their business so that I can tailor the right insurance to meet their needs. Our personal service is what differentiates us from other competitors.

In my visit to the farm, we will review the policy together and work out what needs to be insured or amended. Often this is done by driving around the farm, looking at all of the assets and discussing the best approach.


Often the alternative is for farmers to ring a call centre and deal with a different person every time, resulting in the need to explain their situation again and again. In an emergency, my clients can ring me and I know all about them, their history and their family. They’ll mention ‘that John Deere tractor they bought in January’, and I know what they’re talking about. 

This offers peace of mind; they know I understand their business and that I’m not far away.

“Visiting our clients on farm gives us a better understanding of their business,” says Mackenna.


I’ve had a client whose house was badly damaged by a fire. They called me on a Sunday, and I was able to provide them with immediate support in the way of an emergency payment, and I personally delivered to them care packages, including food and clothing. I just felt it was part of my job to look after them. Becoming an integral part of a client’s business, you build close relationships with farmers and become a part of their lives. I’m passionate about my role, and I love helping my clients.


It still surprises me every day how many businesses do not know what they are covered for. I spend a lot of my time with farmers giving real-life examples. What if there was a bushfire? What if you suffered storm damage? Rural crime and theft remain a large problem in regional areas. These issues can lead to big claims and large losses. That is why it is so important for us to provide this service to our clients, to ensure they are covered when they need us most.

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