How to get a head start on your winter crop

Published: April 2019 | Sponsored content for: Sinochem

SPONSORED: With winter sowing around the corner, now is the ideal time for a weed management program that’s prepped for maximum yield. 

Spraying crop protection chemicals. Photos supplied by: Sinochem.
Sponsored content by Sinochem
EVEN in a drier than normal season – which much of Australia is currently experiencing – a small amount of moisture can be enough to trigger weeds. 

“Given the pressure many Australian farmers are under to ensure their crops get the best possible start,” Kevin Sternberg, Sinochem territory manager, for Southern NSW says farmers need a pre-sowing weed treatment system that supports maximum effectiveness.

It’s far easier to target the weeds when they’re young, rather than trying to remove them from an existing crop when they’re already established and advanced, he says. While farmers can draw on a number of different methods to control weeds, “there are major benefits to spraying a pre-sowing herbicide.” 

“Herbicide treatments can help with everything from conserving vital moisture and nutrients in the soil to reducing farm overheads.”

With many cereal and canola varieties sown during early autumn, Kevin says, “it’s really important to have a clean seed bed to plant into – otherwise you risk the possibility of transplanting, or having weeds competing with the crop before it emerges out of the ground.”
Herbicides can play a vital role in good seedbed preparation, ensuring farmers get the best weed control possible, and enabling them to give their crop a solid start.

Sinochem territory manager for Southern NSW, Kevin Sternberg. 

When it comes to herbicide-based pre-sowing weed treatments, farmers have a couple of options. Knockdown or non-selective herbicides can be used alone to control weeds before sowing – or alternatively, a double-knockdown method can be employed, which is an application of two different weed control tactics, where the second tactic controls any survivors from the first

“While there are loads of different glyphosates on the market, the quality can vary considerably.” 

“Farmers will often need to add surfactants to 450 formulations – the agent that takes the active ingredient into the plant – but if they’re under time pressure, or have inexperienced workers, mixing at sowing can be risky, and mixing partners can easily be dosed incorrectly or left out. Unless you’ve got the right surfactant systems, you don’t get the product to work well, and effectively you’re under-dosing and leading to resistance.”

Products like Sinochem’s RoundUp UltraMAX eliminate that problem, and make the whole process much easier, says Kevin. 

The canola sowing season is just around the corner. Photo by: Matt Beaver.

“It’s made to the highest quality standards, ensuring it performs well – and it’s also ‘fully loaded’, so farmers don’t need to mix it, eliminating the possibility of incorrectly applying the glyphosate formulation.” 

“The uniquely balanced surfactant system ensures rapid uptake by the weed, delivering faster translocation to the roots and leading to a more robust spray job. Farmers can also get back to sowing as quickly as one hour after application, and it even has twenty minute, rain-fast interval, for improved effectiveness even in adverse weather.”

“Farmers who are thinking about sowing this year, should have their RoundUp UltraMAX on hand and ready to go. We’ve made it easy for farmers to purchase, with our spray now, pay later November terms to aid in their cash flow.”

**Purchase 110L & 1000L Roundup UltraMAX products between 27th March & 26th April to receive June or November 2019 payment terms. Payment terms are offered at the discretion of the agent. 

Sponsored content by Sinochem.

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