Tough lessons learnt: building resilience to drought

Yeoval farming family experience their first drought and are surviving thanks to active planning measures.


Drought stories of success, not charity

Support for farmers battling drought is heart-warming – but Monaro sheep and cattle producer Richard Taylor warns it’s vital to keep the message positive.


Industrious beekeepers nurture thriving family business

The beekeeping and honey production industry offers farmers a surprisingly diverse number of ways to make money. But behind the profits is a lot of hard work and uniquely Australian challenges.


Native vegetation laws - the good, the bad and the farmers making it work

The native vegetation biodiversity reforms are just a year old – but are still among the most divisive topics in agriculture. 
The Farmer searches for common ground.


Oyster theft no small issue for farmers

When oysters are stolen it’s not just farmers’ incomes that suffer. Thieves can potentially damage the entire industry, says South East NSW farmer Caroline Henry.


Clever silo storage helps grain farmer harvest top dollar

A modern, more efficient approach to the Australian grain supply chain, combined with safe and effective on-farm storage, may help farmers get a greater financial return per hectare for their crops.


Kangaroos: Pest or marketing opportunity?

Some NSW Farmers conference delegates want kangaroo meat promoted by Meat & Livestock Australia (MLA) – but not all members agree.


“If you don’t think drought is part of farming, you’re in the wrong game.”

Despite seeing his winter forage crops fail for the first time, Central West cattle farmer Angus Atkinson says the story isn’t all bad.


A day in the life of a rural vet

Coonamble based vet Dr Jillian Kelly spends much of her time helping farmers keep their livestock alive through the drought.


Kicking up a stink: What’s bugging our biosecurity experts?

Our agricultural industry is protected from plant and animal pests and diseases by geography. However increased international trade and travel mean a greater biosecurity threat.