Fair game on feral deer

Why should feral deer be protected for recreational game if “hunters aren’t carrying any of the risk”, asks Cooma farmer Craig Mitchell.


De-stocking: Farmers making the hard choices

Managing stock through a dry or drought period forces farmers into tough decisions. Is it better to wait it out and pour money into feed, or to de-stock until conditions improve?


The power of pig poo

With an industry downturn of 40%, it’s tough going for pig producers. But Edwina Beveridge of Blantyre Farms has built her business by recycling waste from the food chain and, yes, even the pigs themselves.


The real cost of frost for NSW farmers

Frost is a low frequency, but high impact event. Just a few hours of below-freezing temperatures can devastate a crop.


Drought affected farmers: We'll get through it

With 99% of the state covered by one of the three drought categories, farmers are doing all they can to protect livelihoods by putting into practice all they’ve learned from past dry times.


Maggots: The livestock feed no-one saw coming

Olympia Yarger is an award-winning insect farmer. The founder and CEO of Canberra-based company Goterra, she is helping to redefine the world’s approach to waste management – producing an alternative livestock feed along the way.


100km exclusion fence line opens the gate to new business

Fourth-generation grazier Phillip Ridge has his eyes on the horizon, where he hopes 100km of exclusion fencing will revive the productivity of his land after years of relentless drought and rising grazing pressures in Western NSW.


Beekeeping’s all the buzz

The alarming global decline in bee populations, coupled with a growing awareness about the crucial role these insects play in pollinating crops, has sparked a surge in demand for beekeeping courses.


Expose: Native veg mapping controversy

As the government uses satellites to police native vegetation on NSW properties, we investigate how the new legislation is affecting farmers on the ground.


Putting a price 
on conservation

If the people of NSW really value biodiversity, it’s time they pick up the cheque, says North West farmer Oscar Pearse.