From fleece to farmed meat: How alpaca farmers are owning their niche

Innovation isn’t always about high-tech gadgets. Sometimes it’s about developing markets for a niche range – like alpaca products – and finding new ways to cash in.


Is lupin the new superfood?

When it comes to encouraging people to lose weight and improve health there are a lot of pills, scams and potions. Could a family of southern Riverina farmers have a winner growing in their paddocks?


The power of pig poo

With an industry downturn of 40%, it’s tough going for pig producers. But Edwina Beveridge of Blantyre Farms has built her business by recycling waste from the food chain and, yes, even the pigs themselves.


Maggots: The livestock feed no-one saw coming

Olympia Yarger is an award-winning insect farmer. The founder and CEO of Canberra-based company Goterra, she is helping to redefine the world’s approach to waste management – producing an alternative livestock feed along the way.


100km exclusion fence line opens the gate to new business

Fourth-generation grazier Phillip Ridge has his eyes on the horizon, where he hopes 100km of exclusion fencing will revive the productivity of his land after years of relentless drought and rising grazing pressures in Western NSW.


Bucking tradition breeds innovation for Merino sheep farmer

Breaking the status quo earns innovative Merino stud breeder Matthew Coddington profitable returns – and a global following for his flock’s prized genetics.


Young gun farmer creates drought lifesavers

He’s only 27, but this Walgett farmer and welder is showing true entrepreneurial spirit - he’s helping other farmers tackle the big dry with recycled shipping containers.


Would you eat meat grown in a lab?

Burgers cultivated from stem cells are moving towards the mainstream, but can they ever hit the supermarket shelves – and will they have an impact on the Australian beef industry? We ask experts on opposing sides to weigh in…


Blockchain decrypted

Blockchain has become something of a buzzword, but what exactly does it mean for Australian farmers?


Increase your yield

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