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Floating solar panels on farm dams set to cut energy costs

Future water security and energy use is front of mind for farmers. Find out how this innovative renewable technology could transform the simple farm dam.


Hydrogen-fulled tractors: a clean energy option for farmers

A CSIRO breakthrough has been made in the search for alternative fuels. With unmatched efficiency, hydrogen may become the future of farming.


The truth about the Murray-Darling

Water levels are at record lows creating unrest with farmers and allocations. So who's getting all the water?


Murray-Darling Basin water report confirms little improvement

Despite welcome rainfall the DPI is anticipating excessive transmission losses over the summer.


Insects in overdrive: how dung beetles are helping farmers

Dung beetles may not be the prettiest but these creatures are helping improve pasture production, soil fertility, moisture retention and pest control.


Christmas tree farmer boosts business with space-age machine

Coramba Christmas tree farmer, Wayne Duver cuts production time by 50% with innovative gadget that's gaining customers this festive season.


NSW Inland Rail route remains a hot debate

Inland Rail project linking Melbourne and Brisbane creates controversy, with conflicting opinions and farmers' properties on the line.


Australia's oldest family-run turkey farm prepares for Christmas

Tamworth farmers Col and Vicki Quast have been running Quast Turkeys – the family business for 68 years thanks to innovation and sustainable practices.


Third generation farmers switch from sheep to cropping

The Fox family from Marrar in the NSW Riverina have shifted their focus to remain profitable as the climate changes.


Oyster growers thrive despite environmental crisis

North Coast oyster farmers have integrated clever practices to remain sustainable since the introduction of Pacific oysters.