The Farmer

What's making news in the world of farming across NSW.

We’d love to farm – so give us a break

Purchasing a first home is hard enough for most Australians, but for prospective young farmers, it’s virtually impossible. It’s time to give the new generation some tax relief.


Is lupin the new superfood?

When it comes to encouraging people to lose weight and improve health there are a lot of pills, scams and potions. Could a family of southern Riverina farmers have a winner growing in their paddocks?


Challenges of living in a mobile black spot

Want to get in touch with NSW Farmers’ Rural Affairs Committee chair Sonia O’Keefe? It’s pretty complicated – as she’s stuck in a mobile phone black spot. And in this day and age, it’s just not good enough.


The power of pig poo

With an industry downturn of 40%, it’s tough going for pig producers. But Edwina Beveridge of Blantyre Farms has built her business by recycling waste from the food chain and, yes, even the pigs themselves.


The real cost of frost for NSW farmers

Frost is a low frequency, but high impact event. Just a few hours of below-freezing temperatures can devastate a crop.


Secret to success: 160 years of farming with Booroomooka Beef

The Munro family run one of the largest Angus studs in Australia with a farming history filled with big personalities and successful strategies.


Drought affected farmers: We'll get through it

With 99% of the state covered by one of the three drought categories, farmers are doing all they can to protect livelihoods by putting into practice all they’ve learned from past dry times.


Maggots: The livestock feed no-one saw coming

Olympia Yarger is an award-winning insect farmer. The founder and CEO of Canberra-based company Goterra, she is helping to redefine the world’s approach to waste management – producing an alternative livestock feed along the way.


Sky-high prices for regional flights

A high-level Senate inquiry is examining the soaring costs and poor provision of air travel to rural, regional and remote communities. But there may not be a simple solution, as our investigation finds.


Clever tricks to reduce on-farm erosion

SPONSORED - Once upon a time concrete was the only solution for boggy areas, but it cracked and was expensive and harsh on hooves. Now a clever, new and cost-effective solution is solving farmers’ problems.