Rural Affairs


Raising the profile of agriculture: 'We are not just farmers'

Young farmers are leading the pack to overcome age-old stereotypes to help lift the image of the industry.


Women in agriculture leading from the front

An initiative driven by NSW Farmers is helping female members find their voice and equip them to be better leaders in their community.


Kangaroos decimate farmers' profits

Western NSW farmer Jim Maynard is losing millions of dollars as kangaroos eat his crops and destroy pastures. He calls for better management of kangaroo populations.


Dairy farmers in danger of disappearing from industry

Dairy farmers in NSW are still being gouged by processors and supermarkets. Will the ACCC dairy inquiry recommendations save the struggling industry?


Drones and farms: know your rights

Drones can be operated by anyone from animal liberation protestors to thieves. Here’s what farmers can do about it.


Cyclists a hazard on country roads

Uralla farmer Chris Laurie says cycling rules need to change in rural NSW otherwise people will get killed.


Poultry in motion: the chicken farmer keen on education

NSW Farmers Poultry Meat committee chair Justin Roach is passionate about educating city kids about food, fibre and how chicken gets to their plate.


NSW State Election heats up over rural electorates

The rural seats of Tweed, Monaro, Wagga Wagga, Orange, Upper Hunter and Lismore will be hotly contested, with agricultural issues at the forefront.


Q fever battle: the boy we almost lost

9 year old Beau Beissel nearly died after a hospital failed to order a PCR test for Q fever, despite the urging of his rural GP.


Election victory hangs on battleground seats in the bush

With the state election going down to the wire, rural electorates have never been more critical to the outcome. NSW Farmers' regional based election forums are ensuring farmer's voices are heard loud and clear.