Rural Affairs


From scones to medical marijuana

Baking scones, legalising medicinal marijuana and campaigning for drought all in a day’s work for the Country Women’s Association, Australia’s most powerful female lobbying group.


Battling the rural crime wave

Stock stealing, vandalism, break and enter, firearms theft – the crimes committed every day in regional NSW leave a trail of destruction in their wake and holes in farmers’ pockets.

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Solving the Blue Mountains roadblock

Agricultural development in the west of the state depends on better transport – or even digging a tunnel – through the 
Blue Mountains. Surely 40 sets of traffic lights is just too much…


The sky's the limit

It’s the ultimate overnight success story. In under a year, livestock and grain farmer 
David Mailler has gone from university graduate to world-class solar farmer. 
Here, he shares his vision for powering rural communities


Going for growth with goats

The decision by the Gates family to swap from Merino sheep to rangeland goats has 
reaped them financial rewards and improved the productivity of their land.


Putting a price 
on conservation

If the people of NSW really value biodiversity, it’s time they pick up the cheque, says North West farmer Oscar Pearse.