Proposed unified freight rail network would slash farmers' costs

NSW Farmers is lobbying for the entire NSW rail network to be upgraded to the same TAL, which would save farmers in excess of $10 per tonne to transport grains to port.


NSW Inland Rail route remains a hot debate

Inland Rail project linking Melbourne and Brisbane creates controversy, with conflicting opinions and farmers' properties on the line.


Cashing in on the wool boom

Should sheep farmers pay a 2% levy or nothing at all? This and other options 
are on the table, as WoolPoll kicks off again.


Biofuels: Australian farmers’ untapped resource

The growing biofuel industry has many benefits, including increased farm profits and reduced energy costs. How can Australian farmers cash in to turn their farm waste into biofuels?


Inside the caged-egg vs free-range debate

Proposed changes to poultry welfare standards have caged-egg producers working hard to promote the facts of farming amid a volatile debate.


Kangaroos: Pest or marketing opportunity?

Some NSW Farmers conference delegates want kangaroo meat promoted by Meat & Livestock Australia (MLA) – but not all members agree.


Kicking up a stink: What’s bugging our biosecurity experts?

Our agricultural industry is protected from plant and animal pests and diseases by geography. However increased international trade and travel mean a greater biosecurity threat.


From paddock to Asia, the brand smashing the supply chain.

Creating a “sexy” alternative to the popularised Angus beef product has proven a successful business decision that’s opening doors to the Asian market for Central West NSW farmer James Millner.


Country of origin labelling explained

In July this year, new country of origin labelling have been brought into force for all foods sold in Australia. While good news for consumers, some producers and retailers have given it a lukewarm reception.


Blockchain decrypted

Blockchain has become something of a buzzword, but what exactly does it mean for Australian farmers?