The Farmer

What's making news in the world of farming across NSW.

Stop misrepresenting irrigation farmers

It’s time for farmers to send a strong message about their responsible water use to the media and environmentalists, says Riverina irrigation farmer Andrew Hawkins.


Murray cod growth catches on with celebrity chef endorsement

A NSW Murray cod farm has enlisted the support of a celebrity chef to raise its profile and share price.


Dry conditions and pests are causing challenges out west

The Western Division is celebrating rate waiver wins and wild dog fence developments – but issues around the drought and local plant pests are still a challenge.


Ripe beginning for the Australian persimmon market

Brett Guthrey is set on transforming persimmons, an exotic sweet fruit, into an Australian favourite. It’s no easy feat but a Spanish variety could be the key to becoming mainstream.


Growing ahead of the pack in seed germination

Royston Petrie Seeds is a family-owned and run business up against multinational competitors. Decades of know-how give this family’s passion an edge in the seed growing market.


Who’s eating Australian farmers’ profits?

Australia's 'big two' supermarkets make their money at the expense of those with the least power in the food supply chain – farmers and consumers.


Out of the box farming approach creates brand value

Placing a third of the property under a nature covenant hasn’t hurt production, but has added value to Clare Cannon’s Woomargama Station.


Hope on the horizon for new native vegetation reforms

NSW farmers have long fought against native vegetation legislation that has impacted their right-to-farm. Will recent reforms help to build trust between farmers and government?


Do we really need expensive drones to boost on-farm profits?

Agriculture drones are proving an essential eye-in-the-sky tool for farmers and can help add real value at the farm gate – but not everyone will need an expensive device.


What it takes to win the NSW Farmer of the Year Awards

While the drought continues to make conditions tough, it’s still important to celebrate Australian farmers who excel. Find out about the most recent winners and details of how to enter.