The Farmer

What's making news in the world of farming across NSW.

Brothers paddock-to-plate beef business masters supply chain

From pasture to shopping trolley – the Mawhood's business has the meat supply chain covered and keeps profits firmly in the family.


Australian mushroom growers: the crop that is taking off

The Tolsons are keeping up with the Australian growing demand for mushrooms by investing millions in technology to grow their business.


Former INXS band member backs farmers facing drought

With bushfire season starting early and crops failing at record speed, former INXS band member and farmer speaks out about the Australian drought.


How drought is affecting red meat prices – the highs and lows

While the price of lamb soars, the story hasn’t been as good for beef, the drought continues to challenge Australian farmers.


Two-year-old boy contracted Q fever from a petting zoo

Infected animals easily spread Q fever to humans. In 2015 Charlie Cavey developed the illness from a baby goat. Find out why the government must step up.


Consumer demand confirms organic farming is no longer a niche

With 51% of the world’s certified organic land in Australia, can farmers harvest enough fresh produce to keep up with consumers?


Could this deadly brain bug be in your water?

Riverina sheep farmer shares the dangers of a fatal bug found in water storage on rural properties.


Who owns Australia's land and water?

You might be surprised about which foreign entities are buying up Australia’s prime agricultural land and water. What does this mean for future food security?


The need to knows of unfair dismissal

Employment termination can be difficult especially in farming. NSW Farmers’ 
Workplace Relations director Gracia Kusuma shares tips to navigate the process.


Australian dairy farmers step up to save their industry

Dairy farmers from across the state headed for NSW Parliament House to voice their concerns about the challenges of their industry.