The Farmer

What's making news in the world of farming across NSW.

How farmers can give agricultural plastic waste the flick

From silage wraps to ag chemical bottles, farmers can be big users of single-use plastics. Now cutting-edge NSW programs are finding new ways to deal with waste.


Kangaroo populations cause havoc for farmers’ crops and livestock

NSW Farmers’ Deniliquin branch chair Amanda Barlow says the Australian government should fund kangaroo exclusion fencing.


Corowa beef farmer says traceability and genetics have changed the industry

NSW Farmers’ Cattle Committee chair Derek Schoen works with beef farmers on everything from animal welfare, biosecurity and market access to research and development.


Pig producers prosper despite major pork industry challenges

Gunnedah pig farmers Leon and Melinda deGroot share their strategies to thrive in the face of a changing Australian pork industry.


Young Aussie dairy farmer prioritises animal welfare with modern technology

Renae Connell isn’t new to dairy farming, and believes if herd wellbeing is top priority, productivity and profitability will follow.


Promising future for renewable energy in Australian agribusiness

Renewable energies have been around us from the dawn of time, but now the sun and wind provide farmers with the power to cut costs and emissions.


Diversifying farm income was the best lesson Dad taught us

The Tongue family have been farming near Tamworth for more than 100 years. Through profitable farm diversification their businesses have thrived.


Why is mobile phone service a luxury in regional and remote communities?

Lack of mobile and internet coverage in rural areas of NSW means producers are missing out on boosted productivity at the cost of their business.


Wallendbeen farmer proves chemical free cherries are ripe for the picking

2019 NSW Farmer of the Year winner, Chris Hall, shares his secrets on soil health and why cherries without chemicals is a better way to grow.


Australian durian farmers sniff out profitable export markets

Some find durian disgusting – but for growers, the returns outweigh the smell.