Jobs for Rural Labourers

NSW Farmers does not co-ordinate any programs for employment in this area, however the below list of websites can be used to research and search for suitable positions:
Another option is for the prospective job hunters to research as to what areas would be harvesting at any given time and actually go to this area in order to find relevant work.

Most small enterprises in rural areas will look for workers who are already in the local area. Many backpacker hostels in rural areas have noticeboards that provide information on finding work in that area.

Always refer to the Specified Work list on the Department of Immigration and Citizenship website to be sure that the work is relevant to the second year visa requirements. 

Please note - there have been many reports of exploitative behaviour occurring against rural workers from un-ethical enterprises, in farming, accommodation and other aspects of rural life. Job hunters should be aware of this and not engage in any work that they feel unsure of.