Workplace Relations

The NSW Farmers (Industrial) Association 

About Us

NSW Farmers’ (Industrial) Association exists to advocate the collective interests of NSW Farmers’ members on all employment related issues and to provide members with day to day assistance in managing their workforce.

What We Do

The Workplace Relations (WR) team consists of practical minded WR practitioners whose main role is to advise, represent and assist members in meeting their obligation relating to workplace relations. The WR Team inform and assist members with all issues pertaining to labour relations (e.g. engagement, immigration, workers compensation, training, etc.), assists with the provision and implementation of safe work practices, provides support to human resources professionals and importantly, seeks appropriate regulation and policy reform from government as required.

Our work can be split into three broad categories:

  1. Advocating on behalf of member interests in relation to employment related matters. For example: minimum wage increases, workers compensation reforms and modern award reviews.
  2. Providing timely and tailored advice to members, collectively or individually. Most of our work is spent directly speaking to members to advise and assist them in resolving any employment related issue they may have in their farming business. In addition to providing verbal advice to members, we also assist members to draft employment related documents (e.g. employment contracts, IFA, policies and procedures).  We also put out regular publications to update members on current issues in IR.
  3. Representing individual members in tribunal matters and matters relating to the Fair Work Ombudsman or the Fair Work Commission.

Who we are - Our Team 

Gracia Kusuma - Workplace Relations Manager
Grace joined the Association in 2011 and became the WR Manager in early February 2012. Her wealth of knowledge and experience in the Industrial and Employment relations fields has proven her to be an invaluable member and leader of our team.  Gracia is also our company secretary.

Cassandra Low - Workplace Relations Advisor
Cassandra has been part of the Workplace Relations Team at NSW Farmers’ Association since 2015. Prior to this she undertook work experience at a community legal centre and completed a Bachelor of Laws and a Bachelor of Commerce (Human Resource Management).

Vicky Roper - Workplace Relations Advisor

Membership Offerings

Basic WR Membership

A Full Producer Member automatically receives our basic Industrial Relations package. Our basic Industrial Relations (IRB) package provides you with assistance from NSW Farmers’ Industrial Relations specialist services including:

  • Collective representation - on modern award matters, minimum wage review, workers compensation.
  • Wage information - including wage guides issued annually.
  • Phone advice – 4 calls a year.


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WR Essentials Membership

As a member you can upgrade to our Essentials industrial relations package, with this package you receive the following services in addition to Workplace Relations Basics services:

  • Unlimited advice for any matters related to employment.
  • Assistance in liaising, negotiating and corresponding with the Fair Work Ombudsman's office.
  • Representation in employment matters handled by the relevant tribunals (e.g. Fair Work Australia).
  • Assistance with drafting and reviewing employment related correspondence, policies and procedures, employment agreements.

Full Time Equivalent (FTE) Employees:

  • 0 to 2 FTE Employees $165 (plus Basic membership $548.90)
  • More than 2 to 5 FTE Employees  $275 (plus Basic membership $548.90)
  • More than 5 to 10 FTE Employees  $440 (plus Basic membership $548.90)
  • More than 10 Full time equivalent staff? Call us to discuss your needs.


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