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Boost for regional mobile coverage

A $20.5 million Federal Government commitment to deliver 67 additional base station projects in the bush is a step in the right direction to improve connectivity.

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$20,000 donation for BlazeAid

Funds raised through the NSW Farmers Flood Appeal have been donated to BlazeAid to assist with the task of replacing fencing destroyed by major flooding in April.

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Landholder certainty vapourised with gas plan

NSW Farmers is extremely disappointed with the NSW Government’s decision to identify the Liverpool Plains as appropriate for gas exploration.

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Farm safety for all generations

NSW Farmers is ready to join the conversation and help raise awareness this national Farm Safety Week on one of the most important issues facing farmers.

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President Biden acknowledges competition failure, why can’t we

NSW Farmers is urging the Australian Government to take note of their counterparts across the Pacific Ocean after President of the United States Joe Biden issued orders to protect US chicken growers from powerful poultry processors.

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Kids to Farms now more accessible

The Kids to Farms program, an initiative aimed at increasing primary school students’ engagement with agriculture, will soon be more accessible to schools across NSW.

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State Budget strong on regional communities, light on ag sector growth

NSW Farmers welcomes the NSW Government’s commitment to building strong regions with special emphasis on health and education in the 2021-2022 State Budget, and acknowledges the commitment to date to support farmers.

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From NSW farms to the UK

Farmers in NSW will benefit from the ‘in-principle’ trade deal between Australia and one of its oldest trading partners.

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Farmer rebates bite into mouse plague

NSW Farmers welcomes today’s announcement of an additional $100 million from the NSW Government to help farmers battle the worsening mouse plague affecting regional NSW.

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Urgent action required as mouse plague spreads

NSW Farmers estimates the mouse plague will chew more than a billion dollars off the farmgate value of the state’s winter crop as the impact of this mouse invasion extends across NSW.


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Plant-based alternatives: a meaty debate

From mock duck to vegan burgers, the imitation game of the “fake meat” sector is strong. The proliferation of plant-based products has sparked significant debate on labelling conventions and even the health benefits of meat ‘alternatives’ compared to

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Upper Hunter in focus: training and education

The upcoming Upper Hunter by-election will shine a light on regional issues, such as the education and training needed to equip future generations with the skills to navigate a changing world. Food and fibre production contribute significantly to the

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Biosecurity the ultimate bugbear for farmers

Adapting Australia’s biosecurity system to an evolving world will be a key challenge over the coming decade. The global change that followed the onset of COVID-19 has made the impact of disease incursions publicly known, yet biosecurity has not been