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Lack of workers hurts rural health outcomes

Rural, regional and remote communities need better investment into the healthcare workforce, NSW Farmers has told a Parliamentary Inquiry.

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Farmers get their say on land use

The fight between farmers and developers could be a thing of the past thanks to a new mapping project that will shape future regional planning decisions.

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Eyes on Coles and Aldi over milk prices

NSW Farmers is urging Coles and Aldi to follow Woolworths in lifting the price of store brand milk, to give certainty to dairy farmers.

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Flood focus shifts to crumbling roads

Farmers and rural communities are bracing for an enormous cleanup effort with concerns about the condition of local roads as floodwaters subside.

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NSW Farmers welcomes additional disaster assistance

NSW Farmers President James Jackson has thanked the state and federal governments for listening to calls for additional natural disaster declarations.

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Farmers call for natural disaster declaration

NSW Farmers is calling for natural disaster declarations to allow relief funds to flow as torrential rains continue to soak vast parts of the state, causing widespread flood damage.

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Paving the road forward for NSW Dairy

Dairy farmers will get the chance to hear NSW Farmer’s plans to strengthen and support the industry at a series of forums next week.

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Shear success with new wool group

The state’s peak farming body will directly tackle the shearer shortage with the formation of the NSW Wool Technical Advisory Group.

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Shoppers to pay for worker shortage

The state’s peak farming body has warned consumers will pay the price this Christmas as worker shortages smash growers.

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Report reveals Growing Our Future strategy

NSW Farmers and NAB have partnered to develop strategies that will grow the state’s agriculture sector to $30 billion in farmgate output by 2030.


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Don't fall for doomsayers' 'hot air'

It’s a fact almost universally accepted that you should never discuss religion or politics in polite conversation. These days, I think we can add climate change to that list, because it can raise the temperature of the room (pardon the pun) like few

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Ag learning key this Ed Week

With a growing global population, food security will be one of the most important issues facing future generations. Paradoxically, these generations might have little to no connection to farming – if current trends continue. This week is Education We

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Plant-based alternatives: a meaty debate

From mock duck to vegan burgers, the imitation game of the “fake meat” sector is strong. The proliferation of plant-based products has sparked significant debate on labelling conventions and even the health benefits of meat ‘alternatives’ compared to