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Partnership key in farm safety

Farmers have welcomed the NSW Government’s efforts to engage the agricultural industry to develop proactive solutions for better farm safety.

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Merger reforms positive but won't lower prices

Farmers have welcomed the Australian Government’s proposed merger reforms, but warn more work is needed to fix entrenched competition problems.

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Competition reform on the cards

Hefty fines for supermarket misbehaviour could soon be on the cards, according to the initial findings of a review into the Food and Grocery Code released today.

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Supporting rural leaders

A statewide search is underway for five bright young minds from rural communities as NSW Farmers opens applications for its 2024 Tertiary Scholarships.

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Statement on Adam Marshall

NSW Farmers thanks Adam Marshall for more than a decade of service to the people of rural NSW following his resignation on Thursday.

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Don't forget rural roads

Farmers are urging federal and state governments to drastically increase funding for rural road infrastructure as vital roads remain damaged, restricted or even closed three years on from the first major flooding events in the Northern Rivers.

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Chicken code crucial to protect farmers

A mandatory code of conduct is urgently needed to protect chicken meat farmers from market power abuse at the hands of processors, an industry report has found.

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Supermarket splits if watchdog given teeth

The consumer watchdog would be given new powers to bust apart Australia’s supermarket duopoly if they are found guilty of anticompetitive behaviour, if a new bill for divestiture laws is passed by parliament.

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Call to rebuild trust on renewables

NSW Farmers is calling on the NSW Government to rebuild community trust and relationships amid angst around the energy transition.

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Government ignores advice against 'biosecurity tax'

NSW Farmers is urging federal MPs to reject the Government’s plan to impose a ‘double tax’ on Australia’s food and fibre producers.


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OPINION: We're all in this together

For the many farmers and their families who live and work in our landscape, Australia Day will involve an early start, pulling on their boots and heading out the door at the crack of dawn to keep growing the healthy plants and healthy animals that ke

Biosecurity should be everyone's concern

Six months ago, barely anyone outside of politics or agriculture had even heard the word ‘biosecurity’, let alone knew what it was.

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Don't fall for doomsayers' 'hot air'

It’s a fact almost universally accepted that you should never discuss religion or politics in polite conversation. These days, I think we can add climate change to that list, because it can raise the temperature of the room (pardon the pun) like few