Albo must rule out tax hike on farmers

NSW Farmers says the Prime Minister must completely rule out any change to farm fuel taxes or risk major protest action.

The Grattan Institute’s proposal to impose road users charges on farm vehicles would drastically increase the cost of producing food and fibre when families can least afford it, James Jackson from NSW Farmers says.

“After nine consecutive interest rate rises all Australians are feeling the pinch, and here come these ‘experts’ with a plan to make food more expensive!” Mr Jackson said.

“Fuel is one of the most expensive input costs in producing food, and making it more expensive for farmers means families will pay more at the checkout.

“If the Prime Minister does not immediately rule out adopting this foolish plan and pushes ahead with this madness, he can expect to see 10,000 tractors in Canberra.”

Mr Jackson hosted a visit from the Prime Minister at his Guyra farm last year, and said the issue of farm fuel taxes was raised.

“People can choose to drive an electric car – they don’t pay this tax by the way – but farmers cannot choose not to use diesel to produce our food,” Mr Jackson said.

“The very idea of imposing a road user charge on off-road vehicles is silly to start with, but in this case it will hurt all Australians and our farm businesses.

“We need a firm commitment from the PM to rule out taxing farm fuel.”

Date: Wednesday, February 8, 2023
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