Smarter spending in state budget

NSW Farmers President James Jackson has welcomed the state budget saying it is a positive step towards building a stronger future for agriculture.

“There is an enormous spend here but it’s pleasing that government is listening to farmers and look at new ways to harness the opportunities,” Mr Jackson said.

“This budget provides an incredible opportunity to really supercharge our economic recovery and agriculture needs to be front and centre.

“These announcements will help our sector deliver strong economic returns seen over the past two years and keep the momentum in building towards $30 billion by 2030.”

The increase in biosecurity spending was particularly welcomed, as it would help protect both the farm sector and the state economy.

“If we had a biosecurity incursion you could take the Treasurer’s predicted 2024/25 return to surplus off the table,” Mr Jackson said.

“This is smarter spending by setting us up for future success, but as always the devil is in the detail.

“We know what outcomes we want to achieve, the trick will be in actually getting those strategies right.”

Mr Jackson also thanked the Premier for honouring his commitment to making sure farms wouldn’t be hit by any new property taxes.

“NSW Farmers has done a huge amount of work in making sure agriculture is front of mind for government,” Mr Jackson said.

“We are busy investing in our businesses and setting them up for success, and we need government to do the same.

“Now is the time to unleash the beast of agriculture and grow to a stronger farming future.”

Date: Tuesday, June 21, 2022
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