Keep it local this Christmas

Christmas tables full of quality local produce is on top of the NSW Farmers shopping list this year. 
Whether it’s ham, seafood, salad, fruit, vegetables, or even wine – NSW Farmers CEO Pete Arkle said there was an abundance of fresh, quality local produce that can be enjoyed over the Christmas break.
“Everything you need for a great Christmas feast can be sourced from right here in NSW,” Mr Arkle said. 
“We’ve all had a challenging year full of ups and downs, and enjoying our great local food is one of the best ways Australians can support local farmers this Christmas.
“Support local families and businesses through choosing their products on supermarket shelves and enjoy your cherries, pork or oysters.”
Mr Arkle said most Australians wanted to shop local after almost two years of lockdowns, and there were a couple of ways to make sure your Christmas table was full of top-notch Aussie goodies. 
“When it comes to your Christmas ham, if there’s a bone in it then it’s Australian grown,” Mr Arkle said.
“There’s a bar chart on most packaged foods that indicates exactly how ‘Australian’ a product is based on where the ingredients are from and where manufacturing took place.
“Country of Origin Labelling has changed a bit over the last few years, so it’s important to look past that iconic jumping kangaroo.” 

Date: Tuesday, December 21, 2021
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