Aussie icon caught backing foreign farmers

Aussie shoppers are being urged to change their spending habits to support local farmers even as big companies go for foreign imports.

NSW Farmers CEO Pete Arkle said Qantas passengers were being offered cheese and crackers from New Zealand, something he said was “hardly in the spirit of Australia”.

“Look, I know claiming imports from across the ditch as our own is as Australian as Russell Crowe and Neil Finn,” Mr Arkle said.

“But in all seriousness, we have a great reputation for producing high quality food in Australia, and companies like Qantas that trade on their ‘Australian-ness’ with consumers should support our farmers, and not just use a foreign product.

“I’d be more than happy to share some top local alternatives that Qantas could use, which would in turn support and promote our country and our food.”

Mr Arkle said Australian farmers had a great global reputation for producing incredibly clean, high-quality food, and he urged shoppers to always look at Country of Origin labelling to support Australian farmers and businesses.

“We live in a global community and shoppers have choice – cheap imported frozen food or something fresh and local – the trick is to look at the label,” Mr Arkle said.

“It’s important for those companies who trade on Aussie values and tradition to support the locals who have always supported them.

“More importantly, shoppers should be telling these companies that they expect them to support our farmers.”

Date: Thurday, September 15, 2022
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