Be constructive on conservation, farmers urge

The state’s peak farming body has warned interest groups need to take a more practical and constructive approach to conservation, with environmental solutions not having to come at the cost of farm productivity and food security. 

NSW Farmers President Xavier Martin said farmers played a key role in ensuring the long-term conservation of the landscape, and had strong practical solutions to offer groups looking to increase biodiversity and the environmental health of the landscape. 

“Farmers have to look after the landscape to ensure they can grow and nurture their produce that feeds and clothes the country – so they have a lot of practical knowledge to offer those wanting to build solutions around natural capital and broader environmental outcomes,” Mr Martin said. 

“Already, farmers are making significant environment gains in carbon sequestration as well as soil and pasture health that could have learnings for a broad range of interest groups seeking to drive biodiversity into the future.”

As sustainability targets loom ever closer, listening and engaging with the agricultural industry around their knowledge and activities will be essential to ensuring conservation outcomes can be achieved without a cost to productivity, Mr Martin said. 

“Land conservation doesn’t have to come at the cost of our farm productivity ‒ food and fibre are basic human needs, and there are ways for us to conserve the environment while not just maintaining but increasing our production as farmers.

“Interest groups need to be obtaining and using fair and factual information to understand our conservation efforts, rather than relying on information that is biased toward certain agendas, if they want to preserve the landscape for centuries to come. 

“Our agricultural industry has this information ready and waiting for them, if they just step up and start being practical and constructive in building solutions that are mutually beneficial, and also sustainable.”


Date: Thursday, May 9, 2024
Media Contact: Eliza Fessey | 0427 411 220 | [email protected]