Rural Affairs


Farm safety made a priority in NSW

A new farm safety guide, produced by SafeWork NSW and NSW Farmers has been launched, ensuring farmers and their families stay safe when working on the land.


The trailblazers of The Farmer one year on

As The Farmer celebrates its first birthday, see how our previously featured farmers are coping with drought, hear of their lessons and see where future markets may lead.


Is a national horse traceability register a viable option?

With over 900,000 horses in Australia, a national register would improve biosecurity and rider safety. But is it a cost-effective solution?


Should stock route reserves return to farmers?

Western Division farmer Greg Rogers maintains Crown land previously reserved for stock route watering should be secured by farmers.


Woodburn farmers head to Calgary Stampede

SPONSORED: Ever dreamt of going to the world’s most famous rodeo? Meet Om and Savita Jhorar, who will travel to Calgary Stampede courtesy of NSW Farmers and WFI.


The day the city woke up to the drought

Farmers have been living it for years, but in mid-2018 the reality of the weather crisis finally hit the headlines. But could this media coverage hurt market prospects?


Leading sustainability for oyster farming

Wonboyn farmer and NSW Farmers Oyster Committee Chair Caroline Henry is a strong voice for oyster farmers and the industry's future.


Telehealth services vital tools for farmers

Many people living in rural or remote NSW do not have adequate access to health care, but a range of online health services are aiming to change that.


Raising the profile of agriculture: 'We are not just farmers'

Young farmers are leading the pack to overcome age-old stereotypes to help lift the image of the industry.


Women in agriculture leading from the front

An initiative driven by NSW Farmers is helping female members find their voice and equip them to be better leaders in their community.