NSW Farmers has launched our state election platform, Feeding the Future: A stronger outlook for farmers and the state. In this document, we focus on five key areas where the next state government should partner with industry to deliver better outcomes for agriculture and regional communities. They are: 
  • Road and rail infrastructure — Betterment of regional roads following extensive flooding, as well as improved road and rail access to the state’s three ports.
  • Biosecurity — Robust biosecurity systems, improved management of pests and weeds, and an effective transition to new traceability systems.
  • Farm productivity — Increased research and development to build farm resilience and find emissions reduction solutions for agricultural businesses.  
  • Workforce — Build and promote opportunities in agriculture, from better coordination of seasonal workers to reforming how agriculture is taught in the classroom.
  • Land use pressures — Effective planning in regional areas to balance new and competing land uses with the need to safeguard the future use of productive agricultural land.
After years of COVID lockdowns and supply chain disruptions, people are more focused on where their food comes from than ever before. In fact, fluctuating food prices are a key contributor to cost-of-living concerns impacting many everyday Australians.

The ongoing success of the agriculture sector is critical not only for farmers and rural communities, but also for the countless consumers who are concerned about access to quality and affordable food and fibre. The upcoming state election provides a timely opportunity to put policies that bolster food security on the agenda. 

We look forward to working with the next state government on progressing our policy priorities.

Feeding the Future: A stronger outlook for farmers and the state


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